Are you living the life you love and loving the life you live ?

Do you have peace in your life or is stress your way of life ?

Does your life feel fragmented and without focus ?

Is your marriage missing the connection it once had ?

Has parenting become a burden instead of joy?

Do you have a vision statement for yourself?

Are you living the life of your passions and your dreams?

Are you willing to ask and be asked these questions of life and to search for the answers. Do you need to "tweak" some areas in your life or maybe feel you could use a complete "new way of being"?  Are you looking for fulfillment, direction, renewed focus, inspiration, fresh perspective and willing to be challenged?  Are you re-evaluating your career and considering one that would be both successful and personally fulfilling?

Isn't it time to engage in your real, "authentic life?"  If you said yes, then... Let's get started!

As life coaches, we inspire you to live the “authentic life,” to live completely fulfilled in every area of life, at the heart level. Our love, passion, mission, and life’s call is to invite you on a journey of heart discovery, and to help you come alive and to live a “successful” life...a life worth living.

Our definition of true "success" is living fulfilled in your heart! 

What are the benefits?  Ahhh, this is the beautiful part. We believe "real living" is found as you connect to your true authentic self and purpose, in which you live every part of "Who You Are". "Authentic" living results in a catalyst effect that causes transformation that ultimately effects all of us. But, if we forget that it starts with "Who You are", we miss the foundational elements of which life is based.

How does this work? To start, we take you on an "exploration", a "journey of the heart and soul" that will help you discover “who you are” and what your passion in life is .  The "tools" we use include one or all of the following: Life Coaching sessions, Yoga & Meditation, developing a Life Planor simply learning to live life to the fullest. Regardless of how you get there, the purpose is connecting you to what you love doing, keeping you focused on that which is "most important," not the "urgent". Of course this part of the journey is only a start, continuing for the rest of your life.

Life Coaching is a way of understanding people in their wholeness, followed by supportive actions and conversations consistent with that understanding. It is an interactive process that deeply involves and benefits You. 


In short it is our job to help You see new possibilities and provide a space in which You can consider making different choices based on a wider range of options. By accompanying You in your exploration of a possible "new way of being" we actively participate in the your self-discovery and learning process.

Coaching is not about teaching, supervising, instructing or managing. It is a way of working with you that leaves you feeling more competent and more fulfilled so that you are better able to contribute to your family, partner, organization, and community and find meaning in what you are doing.

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A completely unique concept combining the modern day western concept of Life Coaching based on the ancient wisdom of Yoga

Yogic Life Coaching